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Artist Statement 

Epaul Julien has been creating art through the medium of photography that documents the relationship between Southern Louisiana and Haiti for the past 15 years. He is continually pushing the boundaries of photography by experimenting with new techniques.

In his latest body of work Epaul freely repurposes original photographic imagery, extant images from the Internet, magazines, and newspapers, public archives and from other works of art to create a new perspective of Southeastern Louisiana. He does this to create a hyperbolical narrative of the history and nature of Southeastern Louisiana and Haiti. The work represents the physical world, but also the metaphysical aspects of reality. The dynamic spectacle of animals and ogres creates a sense of adventure combined with symbolism that leads to new ways of experiencing a unique region of world.

Notably the techniques of cut-and-paste, re-photography, double exposure, and other object oriented studio practice or finally transferred onto a gold or silver leaf substrate and coated with resin.

The energy captured in a hyperbole gives the work a fresh and critical perspective.   Epaul tries to suspend the meaning of each image and let the viewer create their personal reality. The meaning of each piece is determined by the viewer who likes the artist struggles with certain fundamentals of life in hopes of eventually finding harmony and balance. Epaul believes that how the viewer interprets the piece becomes the reality for that person.

Posted on September 6, 2017

Artist Statement 

My work has always been about mixing and experimenting with everything. I work with all those folkloric motives I was born with. I enjoy hiding signs, phrases, figures across my art. I want my spectator to be immersed in my works where he could find himself as a curious boy digging for answers, his own answers.

Daniel creates his work through the affirmation of the redemptive power of art. He feels a strong constant need of interaction with the community, formulating concepts based upon a multitude of viewpoints. Present in his work are motifs of human struggle and triumph. To spend time with Lopez’s work is to get lost in his world of wonder and self-exploration, with the rewarding journey of decoding symbols and digging at the stops along the road to where the artist finds himself.

Originally from Cuba, his work serves as a bridge between diverse cultural backgrounds. While studying at the Academy of Arts in Trinidad, Cuba he developed a passion for abstraction and figurative painting. Since then he has experimented with sculpture, and design. Being open to different art experiences has given him a broad perspective in the arts allowing himself to mix different techniques to create his unique well-recognized style.

Posted on July 26, 2017

BXNY x NOLA is a curated collection that celebrates street art for a show that includes a coterie of international and local street artists, from emerging to the pioneers of graffiti art. The show is in collaboration with WallWorks NY.

The opening artist reception will take place April 1st from 6-9PM during the First Saturday Art Walk at 646 Tchopitoulas Street. The exhibition includes new works created by the artists and many make reference to the influence, mark and reach New Orleans makes upon a person, whether you are a tourist, frequent visitor, transplant or local. The line-up includes muralists, stencil artists, street artists and graffiti being created by artists based in or from the Bronx and New Orleans:

(WallWorks NY) represented by Crash, Bio, Ceet and Steph Burr
(NOLA) represented by AZ, CSTR, Henry Lipkis, Jeremy Novy and Kate Hanrahan
(TopMob Artists) represented by Bugs, Axe, Baser, Elleone (Lionel Milton),
Kane (Jamar Pierre), Painter, Sank, Swan and Fat Kids from Outer Space


A place-making ethnographic dive into the global obsession of street art, this unique show invites out the urban explorer in everyone. BRONX x NOLA pays homage to the fact that the breakdown of a single city and its streets differ wildly in the language, music, artists, style and street politics. Come learn why these individuals paint, why they chose the colors or imagery or letter style, because it all has meaning. It’s a fascinating world you can explore right here in New Orleans!

The following pieces are in the collection:

New Orleans x Steph Burr

Battle Hardened x Steph Burr

B&W Square x Steph Burr

Freedom II x Steph Burr

Color Square I x Steph Burr


Back to Basics x Steph Burr


Las Chicas x CEET

Bio x CEET


Line 6 x CEET

Clear Skies Ahead x Bio

In the Name of Love x Bio

After the Rain x Bio


Primary Fusion x Bio


Happiness Included x Bio


Rhythm and Blues Bio

Welcome to the Party x Bio

Green eye SPLAT x CRASH

old school x CRASH

Zero Options x CRASH

brown eye, silver S x CRASH

x Kate Hanrahan

x Kate Hanrahan


x Kate Hanrahan

x AZ

x AZ

x AZ

x Henry Lipkis

x Jules Muck

x Jules Muck




Three Stages of Life x Jeremy Novy

Street Art Propaganda x Jeremy Novy

David Bowie x Jeremy Novy

Howdy x Jeremy Novy

x Lionel Milton AKA elleone

x Lionel Milton AKA elleone

x Lionel Milton AKA elleone

x Lionel Milton AKA elleone


To learn more about the exhibition:

Nissa Teissier, Gallery Director
P: 505.881.3406

Posted on March 31, 2017

Olesya was born in Russia and after a successful career in Art Direction and Graphic Design for HBO, Hearst, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Under Armour, she followed her dream of becoming an independent artist and now resides in New Orleans, LA. She travels the world and tells stories of her colorful inspiration and experiences through her paintings. Her work has been shown in galleries and museums world wide, France, UK, Russia, US. She showed at the LA Contemporary at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Louisiana State Museum and most recently, the Red Dot Far, Art Basel Miami, and Steve Martin Gallery on Julia Street. Her paintings are visual indulgences, full of vibrancy, color and whimsy. With her popular “Kiss” collection, and debuting the new “DREAM Eyes” series at the DREAM show.

Posted on June 2, 2016