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Artist Statement 

Epaul Julien has been creating art through the medium of photography that documents the relationship between Southern Louisiana and Haiti for the past 15 years. He is continually pushing the boundaries of photography by experimenting with new techniques.

In his latest body of work Epaul freely repurposes original photographic imagery, extant images from the Internet, magazines, and newspapers, public archives and from other works of art to create a new perspective of Southeastern Louisiana. He does this to create a hyperbolical narrative of the history and nature of Southeastern Louisiana and Haiti. The work represents the physical world, but also the metaphysical aspects of reality. The dynamic spectacle of animals and ogres creates a sense of adventure combined with symbolism that leads to new ways of experiencing a unique region of world.

Notably the techniques of cut-and-paste, re-photography, double exposure, and other object oriented studio practice or finally transferred onto a gold or silver leaf substrate and coated with resin.

The energy captured in a hyperbole gives the work a fresh and critical perspective.   Epaul tries to suspend the meaning of each image and let the viewer create their personal reality. The meaning of each piece is determined by the viewer who likes the artist struggles with certain fundamentals of life in hopes of eventually finding harmony and balance. Epaul believes that how the viewer interprets the piece becomes the reality for that person.

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Artist Statement 

My work has always been about mixing and experimenting with everything. I work with all those folkloric motives I was born with. I enjoy hiding signs, phrases, figures across my art. I want my spectator to be immersed in my works where he could find himself as a curious boy digging for answers, his own answers.

Daniel creates his work through the affirmation of the redemptive power of art. He feels a strong constant need of interaction with the community, formulating concepts based upon a multitude of viewpoints. Present in his work are motifs of human struggle and triumph. To spend time with Lopez’s work is to get lost in his world of wonder and self-exploration, with the rewarding journey of decoding symbols and digging at the stops along the road to where the artist finds himself.

Originally from Cuba, his work serves as a bridge between diverse cultural backgrounds. While studying at the Academy of Arts in Trinidad, Cuba he developed a passion for abstraction and figurative painting. Since then he has experimented with sculpture, and design. Being open to different art experiences has given him a broad perspective in the arts allowing himself to mix different techniques to create his unique well-recognized style.

Posted on July 26, 2017

BXNY x NOLA is a curated collection that celebrates street art for a show that includes a coterie of international and local street artists, from emerging to the pioneers of graffiti art. The show is in collaboration with WallWorks NY.

The opening artist reception will take place April 1st from 6-9PM during the First Saturday Art Walk at 646 Tchopitoulas Street. The exhibition includes new works created by the artists and many make reference to the influence, mark and reach New Orleans makes upon a person, whether you are a tourist, frequent visitor, transplant or local. The line-up includes muralists, stencil artists, street artists and graffiti being created by artists based in or from the Bronx and New Orleans:

(WallWorks NY) represented by Crash, Bio, Ceet and Steph Burr
(NOLA) represented by AZ, CSTR, Henry Lipkis, Jeremy Novy and Kate Hanrahan
(TopMob Artists) represented by Bugs, Axe, Baser, Elleone (Lionel Milton),
Kane (Jamar Pierre), Painter, Sank, Swan and Fat Kids from Outer Space


A place-making ethnographic dive into the global obsession of street art, this unique show invites out the urban explorer in everyone. BRONX x NOLA pays homage to the fact that the breakdown of a single city and its streets differ wildly in the language, music, artists, style and street politics. Come learn why these individuals paint, why they chose the colors or imagery or letter style, because it all has meaning. It’s a fascinating world you can explore right here in New Orleans!

The following pieces are in the collection:

New Orleans x Steph Burr

Battle Hardened x Steph Burr

B&W Square x Steph Burr

Freedom II x Steph Burr

Color Square I x Steph Burr


Back to Basics x Steph Burr


Las Chicas x CEET

Bio x CEET


Line 6 x CEET

Clear Skies Ahead x Bio

In the Name of Love x Bio

After the Rain x Bio


Primary Fusion x Bio


Happiness Included x Bio


Rhythm and Blues Bio

Welcome to the Party x Bio

Green eye SPLAT x CRASH

old school x CRASH

Zero Options x CRASH

brown eye, silver S x CRASH

x Kate Hanrahan

x Kate Hanrahan


x Kate Hanrahan

x AZ

x AZ

x AZ

x Henry Lipkis

x Jules Muck

x Jules Muck




Three Stages of Life x Jeremy Novy

Street Art Propaganda x Jeremy Novy

David Bowie x Jeremy Novy

Howdy x Jeremy Novy

x Lionel Milton AKA elleone

x Lionel Milton AKA elleone

x Lionel Milton AKA elleone

x Lionel Milton AKA elleone


To learn more about the exhibition:

Nissa Teissier, Gallery Director
P: 505.881.3406

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Image courtesy of the artist.

Artist Statement

Through my paintings, I celebrate the splendor of the Coastal South with a sense of humor and honest simplicity.  I take inspiration from the fleeting beauty of personal experience and my time on the waters of Louisiana as a wayward explorer.
My artwork is produced using traditional methods incorporating layers of oil paint on combinations of wood, burlap, canvas, and linen. I paint mostly in the studio working from life, memory, photographs, and my imagination.

My artistic studies began in sculpture and painting while earning a degree in Journalism at Louisiana State University.  My passion to learn more about producing art in the classical tradition brought me back to my home town to attend the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts where I became firmly grounded in the fundamentals of drawing and painting from life.  I still employ those time honored traditions in my everyday practice, while bringing a contemporary edge to my work by experimenting with materials and subject matter to bring art into this world that is fresh and new.

Posted on December 23, 2016

Image courtesy of the artist.


Art became the outlet for Ramon Antonio Reyes to pour his endless reservoir of energy into.  He was born in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela in 1978 and at 8, won his first drawing contest while attending the Fragachan Narciso School.  At 17, he produced his first group show under the direction of acclaimed artist Ramon Morales and a year later, began studies in Fine Arts at the Experimental University for the Arts in Caracas.  During his final year,  he was called home​ to care for his mother who had become ill.

While taking charge of the family and of her care, his career took off.  He opened a gallery.  His creations were in demand.  In 2007,  he established​ ‘Sorocaima,’ a Foundation for Children.  ​His goal was so “children could find and explore their own artist within,” he says, just as his parents had allowed him to do.  His mother gave him free reign to use the walls and ceiling of his bedroom as his own personal canvas, to draw and paint as he wished.   One week, it was horses and fish; the next, the faces of family and friends.

In 2009, on the Children’s Playground at Foundation Park in Bolivar, ​Venezuela, ​ he donated his creation of a life-sized elephant made entirely of recycled tires.   His life of art​ and success in his native country prospered until one particular day in 2010.  Under the growing dictatorship of President Hugo Chavez, property seizures became a tragic common occurrence.  One day military officials informed Reyes he had too much and seized his properties, home, gallery, car and many possessions.  In the aftermath of such a loss, he scrambled to regain footing and left to work in Europe.

There, he began a series of exhibitions, in Belgium and Spain, then returned closer to Venezuela working in Colombia and Brazil. In advance of Carnival season in Rio de Jan​eiro, he was selected to lead a University team on the design of an​ elaborate parade float. ​

In 2011, life seemed to regain some sense of normalcy.  He accepted a position teaching Fine Arts at the University of Guadalajara campus ​in Villahermosa, Mexico, and soon after, opened his own, small gallery adjacent to his home.  Whatever he created, people wanted.  His exhibitions, which featured all forms of art and his love of body painting became must-see events.  Television, newspapers and magazines covered him in the style of a celebrity.

He answered the calling to come to the U.S. in early 2015 and chose the artistically-rich, culturally diverse backdrop of New Orleans and Baton​ Rouge​, Louisiana as home. He’s learning English, with a myriad of classes and has dived into his new surroundings where he continues to create art and become an active member of the arts community.


  • 2009 “Artists of my land” Kollack Gallery, Venezuela
  • 2010 “ l Mario Abreu” Contemporary young artists, Museum of Contemporary Art, Venezuela

Single Shows

  • 2007 Recycled material “Goddess of the waters” Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela
  • 2008 Series of sculptures from recycled material “Imagery” Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela
  • 2009 Life-sized elephant sculpture from recycled tires for children’s playground, “Foundation Park” Bolivar, Venezuela
  • 2010 Carnival floats, “Three powers of my land” and “Liberator Bolivar Father” Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela
  • 2011 Carnival floats, Rio de Janiero, Brazil
  • 2012 “Predictions 2012” Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela
  • 2013 “America Cantat 7” Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2013 “On the water” Carlos Pellicer Museum, Villahermosa,  Tabasco,  Mexico
  • 2013 “Orchids of Mexico” Cultural Center, Villahermosa Tabasco, Mexico; Works and workshops in drawing and painting, State Human Rights commission
  • 2013 “Horses” Single Collection,  Beernem, Belgium
  • 2014 “Retrospective” Galería de Arte Gómez Ventura del Hotel Quinta Real, Tabasco, Mexico
  • 2014 Professor of Fine Arts, University of Guadalajara, Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico
  • 2015 The Foyer, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • 2015 The Guru, Exhibition, Angels and Abstract, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • 2016 Mark Biletnikoff Gallery, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • 2016 Brand New Orleans Art Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana

Artist Statement

Reyes will create on almost any surface, whether traditional canvas, wood or plexiglass. His art is known for it’s color and heavy texture and he will work with any type of paint, whether oil, acrylic, water color or car paint. His use of fabrics and recycled materials often give real dimension and life to a canvas.

By using various forms available whether canvas, wood board or a textured creation on a hard surface, the use of oil, acrylic, water color, even car paint primer can give a subject a vivid or subtle glow.  Texture and use of recycled materials such as different textured fabrics with paints and glue adds dimension and life. It may be all about the texture, color or a combination.

Posted on December 22, 2016

Image courtesy of the artist.


Bob Graham was born in Canton, Texas in 1947. He studied art at North Texas State for four years. In 1970, Bob traveled north to Provincetown, MA. There he studied with the famous Impressionist painter Henry Hensche at the Cape School. Hensche was the student of Charles Webster Hawthorne himself the student of William Merritt Chase. Bob started teaching in 1974 and has lived and worked in New Orleans for more than 30 years.

“I visited New Orleans twice in the late seventies. I did not feel at first that I could bear to leave my portrait business in Atlanta. Things were going very well for me. But the pressures of parenthood were a lot for a single parent, and I came once more to the Big Easy.

This time I had my two boys Adam and Noel with me and I came to stay. I was given sole custody of my children after my divorce.  Selling art in the French Quarter offered me a way to be a nurturing and hands on parent of two boys under five years old and be an artist too. I was and am very grateful for that.

I sketched portraits in one hour for tourists and locals and I painted the musicians who played music all around me. I sold literally hundreds of paintings while my kids grew to manhood. And I drew thousands of portraits.

Simultaneously with working as an artist in the French Quarter, I exhibited regularly in the art shows in New York and around the country and was published in several compendiums on pastel technique. I won best of show in many including three in New York City with pieces that were painted mainly on Jackson Square.

My livelihood was tied into being creative on a daily basis. The French Quarter gave me that opportunity and I think other people who want to be artists should have that opportunity also. Artists are at a disadvantage today. We must nurture the right brain non-linear activities in a world that insists we keep accurate records and keep our lives appropriately documented. It is similar to insisting that my tax lawyer paint every day in addition to the bookkeeping. The truth is that if you paint everyday you get a little bit scatterbrained about some other chores.

And Bless the City of New Orleans for providing this venue for artists. In the 1950’s artists were working in Pirates Alley next to the St. Louis Cathedral. They sold to the tourists from around the world and to locals. As artists accumulated, space got scarce and some eventually went to work on Jackson Square. The city issued licenses to the artists and limited the number to 200.  

I was able to support my small family and see my youngest son, Noel, through Tulane University with a degree in Fine Art. My oldest son, Adam, went to study art in Provincetown Mass at the school where I studied painting. My teacher, Henry Hensche, had passed on, but Adam studied with the inheritor of the Cape School, Lois Griffel. He resides there today as a working artist in the Impressionist manner. Noel is in New Mexico after the Great Katrina Diaspora where he creates designs and cartoons.

We have lived as artists, our lives are our art.  Our community is our art, and then after all, our world is our art. There has always been a sense of community that is truly unique to the French Quarter artists. I have never feared for my children because of the community we created here.

I still paint the musicians that created music and parade near me. I am currently painting my impressions of Mardi Gras and these images have evolved to what I now hope are my unique contributions to the heritage of New Orleans.

New Orleans faced the aftermath of Katrina and survived. It is better than ever, but still the city’s future depends on support from tourism. So get out here and have some fun! My work can be seen at the Dutch Alley Gallery in the Historic French Market not far from the Cafe du Monde.”


Bob’s works are in the collections of:
The New Orleans Museum of Art: Drawing of Edgar Degas
The Saints Hall of Fame: 23 oil portraits of The Saints Football Players
Republic Beverage: 4 board room portraits
First Presbyterian Church: Oil Portrait of Collins Diboll
Tidewater Shipping: Oil Portrait of John Laborde
Ochsner Clinic: Oil Portrait of Alton Ochsner Sr.
Crescent Crown Distributors: Board room portrait
Nicholls State University: Oil Portrait of Frank Barker
Fred Cassibry: Pastel portrait
“American Artist Magazine”, Jan. 89; Pastel Interpretations, Madlyn Woolwich, 92; The Art of  Pastel Portraiture,  Madlyn Woolwich, 96.
1990:  Knickerbocker Artists, New York, Best of Show
1990:  American Realism Competition, Parkersburg, WV, Top Merit Award
1989:  Pastel Society of America, New York, Elevated to Master Pastellist
1989:  Texas and Neighbors Art Show, Irving, TX, Best of Show
1988:  American Artists Professional League, New York, Best of Show
1988:  Allied Artists of America, New York, Southern Artist Award
1987:  Salmagundi Open, New York, Best of Show
1984:  Kansas Pastel Society National Show, Wichita, KS, Best of Show
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Artwork courtesy of the artist.

Artist Statement

My work focuses on depicting the relevance of traditional communal and community building events such as the boucherie and the Courir de Mardi Gras. The majority of this focus has been on the “courir”, the traditional pre-Lenten celebration of the Prairie Cajuns of southwest Louisiana, an entire day of masked revelry with its roots in the ancient Roman Lupercalia and Saturnalia. The participants’ elaborate costumes are drawn from medieval traditions, frontier era depictions of Native Americans and political and social commentary; costumes meant to simultaneously conceal one’s identity and through the temporary repeal of societal inhibitions display their inner selves.

My most recent work is an exploration of the mythic qualities of the festival and its modern continuation. I search to portray the otherworldliness of the day by placing the participants into a dream like setting of spreading moss draped oaks and vibrant splashes of color. This lets me explore the psychological implications of the holiday from my status as an outsider; lending more of an impact to the brightly colored costumes by contrasting them against their background environments. More than just a likeness, my work is an interpretation of the Light and Darkness involved in the holiday, draped in symbolic layers meant to elicit thoughts and perceptions of its place in our modern world.

The system I use helps me to build detailed compositions on my canvas before the application of color, a technique heavily based in western classical realist traditions. I add drama and focus to my pieces with layering of light and color, built up through multiple layers of impasto and oil glazes, but built upon detailed graphite drawings and value studies before color is applied to the canvas. This technique allows me to determine the subject and mood for a piece at its inception; and then to focus on achieving that effectively through use of light and color without the distractions of rearranging my compositions in subsequent layers.


Herb Roe was born and spent his childhood in the Appalachian regions of Southern Ohio and Northeastern Kentucky. In 1992 he received a scholarship to the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio and attended his freshman year there. In the summer of 1993 he met the Louisiana mural artist Robert Dafford. He subsequently apprenticed to and worked for Dafford for 15 years on mural projects throughout the Ohio and Mississippi River Valleys. As a Dafford Muralist, Roe specialized in large scale, long term historical mural projects, often connected with local Chambers of Commerce, Tourism Bureaus and Downtown Development Agencies. Many of these projects took between 5 and 10 years to complete, and ranged from 1 to 50 murals in each town. In 2007 Roe began to pursue a career as a fine artist, specializing in fine art oil paintings depicting the history and culture of his adopted home in South Louisiana’s Acadian region.


  • 1992-1993 Studied at Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, OH
  • 1993-2007 15 year apprenticeship with mural painter Robert Dafford

Interviews and Press


  • 2014  Le Courir – Explorations of community and culture in a world turned upside down, National Park Service Jean Lafitte Prairie Acadian Cultural Center, Eunice, LA
  • 2013  Solo Exhibition, Maiden Alley Cinema Gallery, Paducah, KY
  • 2013  Masks and Mayhem II, Steeple Vue Gallery, NUNU’s Arts and Culture Collective, Arnaudville, LA
  • 2012  Masks and Mayhem – The Courir de Mardi Gras art of Herb Roe, St. Landry Parish Visitor Information Center, Opelousas, LA
  • 2009  Solo Exhibition, A. I. R. Studio, Paducah, KY
  • 2015  19th Annual No Dead Artists, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, LA (curated by Max Fishko, director, Art Market Productions, New York, NY, Valerie Cassell Oliver, senior curator, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX and David Workman, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA)
  • 2015  Group Exhibition, Ariodante Contemporary, New Orleans, LA
  • 2015  5th Annual Brush with Burden Exhibition, LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens at Burden, Baton Rouge, LA (curated by Phil Sandusky)
  • 2015  The Big Easel Art Fair Preview Show, Lounge Ballery, Lafayette, LA, Best Oil Painting award (curated by Jeffery McCullough)
  • 2014  45th annual River Road Show, Louisiana State Archives, Baton Rouge, LA, (curated by Morten E. Solberg)
  • 2014  Where You Stay At? P3+ exhibit, Ten Gallery + Collective, New Orleans, LA (curated by Jonathan Mayers)
  • 2014  Art Melt 2014, Capital Park Museum, Baton Rouge, LA (curated by Katie Pfohl, LSU Museum of Art, Baton Rouge, LA, Ben Thompson, Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL, and Eric Robert Dallimore, Leon Gallery, Denver, CO)
  • 2014  The Summer Show, 49th National Juried Artists Exhibition, St. Tammany Art Association, Covington, LA, (curated by Beth Batton, Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, MS)
  • 2014  Covering Country Roads, East Baton Rouge Public Library, Baton Rouge, LA, (curated by James Fox-Smith, publisher Country Roads Magazine, Baton Rouge, LA)
  • 2014  LaGrange National XXVIII Exhibition, LaGrange Art Museum, LaGrange, GA (curated
    by Annette Cone-Skelton, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia)
  • 2013  Art with a Bayou View, University of Louisiana at Monroe, Monroe, LA, Best in Show award(curated by Dr. Edwin Pinkston)
  • 2013  Art Melt 2013, Capital Park Museum, Baton Rouge, LA, Honorable mention from juror Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker (curated by Jordana Pomeroy, LSU Museum of Art, Baton Rouge, LA, Susan Edwards, Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville, TN, and Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker, Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA)
  • 2013  Rock the Flock, Gallery 549, Lafayette, LA (curated by Donald LeBlanc)
  • 2012  Ex Arte Equinas VI, Art Horse Magazine. Honorable mention painting category (curated by Patricia Powers)
  • 2012  43rd annual River Road Show, Louisiana State Archives, Baton Rouge, LA, Honorable mention (curated by Sam Corso)
  • 2012  Masquerade, ARC Gallery, San Francisco, CA, (curated by Jack Fischer, Jack Fischer Gallery, San Francisco, Ca)
  • 2008  Southern Open, Acadiana Center for the Arts, Lafayette, LA, (curated by Peter Frank, Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, CA)
  • 2002  Two-Person Exhibition, Cite des Artes, Lafayette, LA (with painter Wayne Ditch)


Public collections
  • Jazz & Heritage Festival and Foundation Art Collection at the George & Joyce Wein Jazz & Heritage Center 1225 N. Rampart Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Private collections
  • Works held in private collections throughout the United States.
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Image courtesy of the artist.

My Story


I was Born in Maikain. A small town in the former USSR, known for gold mining. The love of gold must have been at birth (metaphorically speaking), I use 24K gold paint in all of my paintings of all sizes large and small. Back then, I was just a 3 year old girl who picked up a paint brush and a palette of oil paints. And never put it down again. My first painting was of albatros, a beautiful bird with an incredible wing span, that gives hope to the sailors at sea. At the time, I have never seen it live, by the description of my mother, I painted it as I imagined it. A beautiful, free bird that defines happiness for people who are far away from home, and thats what I have became myself through what I create. Painting art that takes you places, makes you happy, and brings you to a place you feel absolutely happy.

Coming from a country of such richness in art and history. My inspiration comes subconsciously. Just visiting the museums in Moscow full of national treasures, tsar crowns and all the bedazzled jewels. I feel like I grew up looking at jewels, precious stones and incredible art.

I moved to United States when I was in middle school. Since that day, I lived alone and paved my way through all phases of growing up on my own. I learning each day, the people, the places, experiences. With a mind of my own, this is how I came to be what I am. I finished high school at the Waldorf School of Garden City. Got myself through college (SUNY Stony Brook), played sports on a University tennis team division 1. A few months before graduation began my career in graphic design and art direction. I got to work for some of the prominent companies and brands in the world. Created beautiful advertising images for HBO, and retouched glossy covers for Hearst Magazine, designed footwear ad campaigns for Under Armour and styled stores and look books for legendary A&F and Hollister. Still with that  personal dream to become an independent artist and share my vision, dreams, magic and happiness through painting.

Now, as I write this bio, I have my own creative studio in the tropical New Orleans. I run my own business, life and once a dream. Now I create the world of color, and joy and share it with everyone.

My paintings tell a story of love and a true celebration of life. Close your eyes. Imagine falling in love and indulging on the never-ending kiss, and a life full of true moments of happiness. My paintings speak a romantic language of love, lived through an unforgettable life journey.

Travel Inspiration

I travel the world about 6 months out of the year, and discover new places, see and experience new things, meet incredible people, hear inspiring, beautiful and sometimes crushing stories. Everywhere I go, I paint. From Gaudi Park in Barcelona, to hidden whimsical beaches in Ibiza, Spain, to ice glazed winter wonderland beauty of Mont Blanc, to Moroccan Riads, and all the way to candy land-like architectural wonders of Moscow.

Process and Technique 

I make quick sketches and notes in my travel journal, mini rough drafts, nothing precise. The 1000’s of photos I take of every place I travel, further serve as color and theme inspiration. The creative process is completely free and natural, I start with the brush and finish with texture, laying out rhinestones and crystals. Embroidery is featured on select canvases. Just like every mouth shape is unique, each “kiss” painting is unique. I shape the lips with extra large brush strokes, sculpting them freely on canvas with think glossy acrylics.

A dash of resin gloss is applied to the lip area, to show the luscious, glossy kiss effect. Just like every person has a story to tell, each kiss painting, is a visual “talking mouth.”

My goal as an artist

With each canvas I want to make the viewer feel happy and embark on an exciting colorful journey. I am a visual story teller of a dream, where I make each viewer believe that this dream is possible as a beautiful reality on canvas.


2006 – BFA –ARTS major, Art History minor, SUNY Stony Brook University, New York


2004  Satellite Exhibition, SAC Art Gallery, Stony Brook, NY.

2004  EURECA Awards Group Show, SAC Art Gallery, Stony Brook, NY.

2005  Duality, SBU Fine Arts Gallery, Stony Brook, NY.

2005  Winter Works IV, Gallery 4222, Port Jefferson, NY.

2013   Solo Show “Kiss of The Queen,” Gallery Nebo, Krasnodar, Russia.

2014  Group Show, “Louisiana Contemporary,” Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA.

2014  Group Show, “Art Melt” Louisiana State Museum, Baton Rouge, LA.

2014  Solo Show, “Kiss,” Gravier Gallery, New Orleans, LA.

2014  Solo Show, “Celebration of Life,” Gallery Yug, Krasnodar, Russia.

2014  Group Show, “PINK STRENGTH,” MuroMedia, New Orleans, LA.

2014  Group Show, “MUSCLE & MAGIC,” MuroMedia, New Orleans, LA.

2015  Group Show “Coleurs,” Galerie Nuance et Lumières, Lyon, France.

2015  ART BASEL. “Red Dot Fair” Miami, FL.

2016  Group Show, “Winter Works,” Steve Martin Fine Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA.

2016  Solo Show, “Candy Shop,” Steve Martin Fine Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA.

2016  Solo Show, “Dream,” Brand New Orleans Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA.

2016  Group Show, “Best of Brand,” Brand New Orleans Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA.

2016  Solo Show, “Dream Factory,” Steve Martin Fine Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA.

2016  Solo Pop Up Show, “Reve en Coleur,” HoMudane, Bourge en Bresse, France.

Posted on October 8, 2016

Image courtesy of the artist.

Artist Statement

I was born in New Orleans, and was raised by my mom across the street from the St. Thomas Housing Projects. Growing up, I struggled in school with academics, but found that I excelled in music and the arts. In New Orleans, it’s easy to surround yourself with music and art of all kinds – whether it’s things that I learned in school, saw in museums and galleries, or would notice in the people and the space around me. It wasn’t until I was in my late thirties that I was diagnosed with dyslexia. Being dyslexic accounts for the way I look at things and am able to interpret things – words, shapes, and meaning. While dyslexia is considered a disability, I consider it a boost to my abilities, and feel blessed that I am able to see the world the way that I do.

I went to LSU and majored in Fine Art, and also went to Delgado and Louisiana Technical College, where I graduated in Auto Body Collision Repair. For many years, I worked on painting cars, but was continually thinking about ways to pursue a career as an artist. The natural first step for me was to combine my skills as an automobile painter and my love for art, which was integral in developing my skills and my style. In fact, this exploration led me to my signature technique of spraying automobile clear coat over my finished pieces: this helps to protect them from the elements and ensure that they last a lifetime. I have been working on my “Colors in Wood”, which involves a self-taught technique of painting involving the use of rags – not paintbrushes – to stain colors into the wood. This time-consuming process allows the wood grain to be the center of attraction because there are no brush strokes. I most recently mastered the skills of designing and creating artwork from metal using a plasma cutter. I weld and grind 2 layers of cut steel mounted on birch wood to give a 3 dimensional effect. I use automobile paint with my signature of spraying clear coat on the metal to protect it from ever rusting.

Each one of my pieces tells a story, and all of my stories are influenced by my New Orleans heritage. When you say that you are from New Orleans, it means many different things to different people. For me, New Orleans starts with growing up in the ‘hood and being in the marching band; it’s the Indians coming out on St. Joseph’s Day to battle; it’s the actual battles that happen around us every day; it’s the internal battles I’ve struggled with in order to be an artist. New Orleans is my home – from the brass bands and music that fills our streets, to the smiles of people in the street. There is diversity that lives here that doesn’t live in many other places. I strive for all of these things to be reflected in my work, and to continually bring my art to higher levels.


Shell Oil Company
January 20,2015
Commissioned me to make 42 wooden puzzles set for executives

Local Attorney Steven Willard
March 16, 2014
Commissioned me to make 3D metal wall sculpture (48” x 48”) of a sea turtle swimming in oil from the BP oil spill

Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation
August 25, 2010
Commissioned by Foundation to design the official 2010 poster for the 5th annual La Fete Cultural celebration

Norfolk Festevents, Ltd.
June 20-22, 2008

Norfolk, VA
Commissioned by Norfolk Festevents Ltd. to design the official 2008 poster for the 19th Bayou Boogaloo Cajun Food Festival

Louisiana Department of Tourism Jazz Art Contest
December 17, 2007
Commissioned by the Louisiana Lottery Corp
Painting titled “Let The Good Times Roll”
Featured on a $2 Lottery Scratch Off Ticket

Judge Laurie White
November 12,2006
Commissioned me to design two end tables

Vespa of New Orleans Commission

October 7,2006
Custom painted Vespa for New Orleans Arts Council
Raised $25,0000 for the Louisiana Artworks Project

Super Bowl XXXVl Commission
January 15,2002
Commissioned by Super Bowl host committee to design forty tables for the NFL team owners as thank you gifts

Judge Edward Lombard
July 5,2001
Commissioned to do a custom painting for his office
Mignon Faget Ltd.
July 20, 2001
Commissioned by acclaimed artist/jewelry designer Mignon Faget to custom design a dining room table


Rhino Gallery
Contemporary Crafts Co.
333 Canal Street, 3rd floor
New Orleans, La 70130
July 5, 2010 – Present

Jane & Friends Gallery
720 Julia Street
New Orleans, La 70130
August 6, 2005
White Linen Night

Maggie May’s Gallery
126 Main Street
Bay St Louis, Ms 39520
April 2004 – July 2005

Ariodante Contemporary Gallery
535 Julia Street
New Orleans, La 70130
May 2002 – August 2003


2013 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
Congo Square
Most Unique Work

2012/2013 and 2015
New Orleans Art Association
Pirates Alley Art Show
1st Place

2008 Fest For All Baton Rouge, LA
Individual award of distinction

2005 Smoky Hill River Festival Salina, KS
Individual award of merit

2004 Gasparilla Arts Festival Tampa,FL
Individual award of merit

2004 Three Rivers Art Festival Covington, LA
Individual award of merit

2001 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
Most Unique Work Congo Square


Experienced full time artist for over fifteen years working in wood, glass bead making, metal, and canvas. I have extensive experience using tools such as saws, drill presses, and lathes. Experienced professional automotive painter and welder. Operating and programming of a CNC machine. Experience using BobCad-Cam Software, DXF files, Vector images, Photoshop, Corel Draw.

Extensive design knowledge, skills, and abilities

Design v-carving in wood
Water resistant design
Light gauge steel design
3D Metal wall sculpture
2D metal wall sculpture
Concrete design
Structural steel design
Custom coffee table design
3D milling design in wood

Educational knowledge, skills, and abilities

Program development for CNC
Development Of g-code
Using DXF files to emboss models
Computer knowledge, skills, and abilities
Windows, Microsoft
Visual  Art software
Bob Cad-Cam v23
Bob Cad-Cam v23 Art

Work History

Sewell Cadillac
701 Baronne Street
New Orleans, La 70113
Automobile Painter

Vespa New Orleans
901 Julia Street
New Orleans, La 70113
Paint and Body Work

Young Audiences of Louisiana
615 Baronne Street
Suite 201
New Orleans, La 70113
Art Teacher, after school program
Grades 3rd-8th


John McDonogh Senior High
Class of 1985

Alcee Fortier Senior High

Louisiana State University Baton Rouge Campus
Graphic Design

Delgado Community College
Commercial Art

Louisiana Technical College
Automobile Collision Repair
Fabricate and Painting

Posted on October 5, 2016

Image courtesy of Jean Christensen.


Art making is an ancient, slow primitive activity that is sometimes capable of producing images as finely detailed as photography. Harnessing imagination, an artist can create the vision of dreams. When released from the task of representation, design itself becomes art.

My art work explores all three visual dimensions, the reality seen by a camera, the landscape of imagination, and the mysterious realm of symbol and pure abstraction. Art is a curious endeavor, it is research and discoveries are endless.


I am a self taught artist who began showing and selling work while still a teenager. I have

produced a large variety of work in a wide range of sizes with a multitude of materials for 50 years. Other than four years in Nebraska as a Katrina refugee I have lived in New Orleans since 1981. My work has appeared in numerous fine art gallery exhibits and been featured in a variety of venues both locally and nationally. I create acrylic on canvas paintings which range from photo-realism to pure abstraction; I also do drawings on art papers and mixed media work using an array of materials.

Recent Exhibitions

August 2016

Group Exhibit, Ten paintings included in White Linen Night show at Brand New Orleans Art Gallery, 646 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA.

Random Weekends 2015 and 2016

Morning Street Exhibits in Pirates Alley in New Orleans Old French Quarter Neighborhood

January 2015

“Gallery Group Exhibit,” Hall-Barnett Gallery, 237 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA.

October 2013 to June 2016

“Gallery Group Exhibit,” Adorn Gallery, 610 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA.

June 2013

“Summer Group Show” at d.o.c.s Gallery, 709 Camp Street, New Orleans LA. I was the featured artist in 1996 at d.o.c.s and this has been my Gallery outlet since returning to New Orleans in 2010.

February 2013

“World Artist Network,” the first non-virtual exhibit by members of an international group of artists founded on Myspace and migrated to Facebook. Arcade Mall, 993 Main Street Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Nebraska Exhibitions

June 2010

A month long solo exhibit as featured artist at The Benson Grind, 6107 Maple Street, Omaha, Nebraska. This coffee house/ art gallery/ poetry reading/ live music performance center is located in the historical Benson area of Omaha.

December 2009

A group invitational show at Hotshops Art Center, 13th and Nicholas, Omaha, Nebraska.

November 2008

“The Seven Year Itch,” a group exhibit of work by over 30 artists at the Louisville Art Gallery, 230 Main Street, Louisville NE. The gallery’s seven year anniversary exhibit.

April 2008

C.O.S.A. or Collaboration of Skateboarders and Artists, at Hot Shops Gallery, 13th and Nicholas Street, Omaha, Nebraska. A group exhibit of work by eight artists in traditional, digital, photographic media and skateboard design. Music, film and hair styling were also featured in the openings multi-dimensional event.

December 2007

“12 x 12 inches 12” This was an exhibit by 100 abstract artists of work which was 12 inches square at Gallery 380, 380 Bond Street, Brooklyn, New York.

October 2006

Solo Exhibit, Antiquarian Gallery, 1215 Harney Street, Omaha, Nebraska. My first “Solo Exhibit” was at the Antiquarian Gallery in 1979. This time around I was showing 45 paintings and drawings completed while living in New Orleans.


March 2005

Kako Gallery, Group Show, 523 Dumaine Street, New Orleans, LA.

November 2004

“Artist of the Month” at Chet’s, 706 Franklin Avenue, New Orleans, LA.

March 2004

Barrister’s Gallery, Group Show: “Mock Jazz Fest Posters,” 1724 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard, New Orleans, LA.

September 2002

Brewer/Landry Gallery, Group Show, 2022 Magazine Street, New Orleans LA.

February 2002

Cameron Jones Gallery, Group Show, 2127 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA.

October 2000

Grand Opening Exhibit at Huber House Gallery, 1522 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA.

January 2000

Diva Gallery, Group Show, 1110 Antonine Street, New Orleans, LA.

March 1998

Featured Artist at Kaldi’s Coffee Museum, 941 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA.

June 1997

Rhubarb Gallery Group Show, 1101 First Street, New Orleans, LA.

December 1996

Featured artist at d.o.c.s. Gallery, 709 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA.

Selected Early Exhibits

June 1995

Featured artist at Gallery and Company, 201 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA.

December 1992

Art Attacks Gallery, 831 Saint Peter Street, “Holiday Group Show,” New Orleans, LA.

November 1992

Six Paintings in a group show at Gibbs Gallery, 626 Julia Street, New Orleans, LA.

November 1991

“The Naked Show,” Hall-Barnett Gallery, 320 Exchange Alley, New Orleans, LA.

September 1991

“Grand Opening Exhibit,” Gallery de Jumonville, 866 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA.

June 1991

“Summer Group Show,” Heller/Schaefer Gallery, 1115 St. Mary Street, New Orleans, LA.

December 1989

Featured Artist at True Brew Coffee, 200 Julia Street, New Orleans, LA.

March 1983

Won 3rd Place Award Ribbon at Palm Beach Art Galleries International Art Competition, 240 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, FL.

March 1982

Holdcraft Cottage Group Show, 511 Dumaine Street, New Orleans. LA.

September 1981

Septemberfest Exhibit Omaha NE

May 1981

Talent Tree Gallery Group Show, 5008 Underwood, Omaha, NE.

August 1980

Twenty-five paintings on display at City/County Civic Center, Omaha, NE.

February 1980

New Mexico Art League’s Tenth Annual Small Painting Exhibition, 3401 Juan Tabo, N.E. Albuquerque, NM.

September 1979

Solo Exhibit Antiquarian Gallery, 1215 Harney Street, Omaha, NE.

March 1979

Two mixed media paintings accepted at Joslyn Museums Sales and Rental Gallery, 2200 Dodge Street, Omaha, NE.

October 1978

Cheyenne Artists Guild, 7 State Regional Exhibit, 1010 E. 15th Street, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

February 1978

Second Place Award (Professional Division), College of Saint Mary’s Masters Realty Annual Competition, Omaha, NE.

May 1973

Turner Park Summer Art Fair Exhibit, Omaha, Nebraska.

Posted on October 4, 2016
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