Arlyn Sanchez

Arlyn Jiménez Sánchez

Arlyn Jiménez Sánchez, known as Buloya, occupies a space of flux. Born in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic on December 10, 1977, Arlyn practices metalwork as both an artist and fabricator. The artist has shaped New Orleans since moving to the city in 2009, creating custom metalwork, repairing century’s old ironwork, and fabricating work for some of the region’s most prominent artists. Hi hand can be seen all over the city, beloved by the artist for its cultural similarities to the Caribbean. A special ability to uncover hidden potential marks Arlyn’s practice as an artists. In conjunction with being resourceful and making so with what is available, he delights in breathing new life into discarded material.

His work plays with this notion of transformation: Arlyn uses a plasma cutter to dismantle and repurpose salvaged metalwork and cleans the  material by sanding and using chemicals to strip away oxidization. Watching the artist work, you can see that his process serves a cathartic purpose–he approaches his pieces with intense focus as he hammers, twists, burns, and manipulates the material until the work transforms into something entirely new.

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