Olesya Ianovitch

Image courtesy of the artist.

My Story


I was Born in Maikain. A small town in the former USSR, known for gold mining. The love of gold must have been at birth (metaphorically speaking), I use 24K gold paint in all of my paintings of all sizes large and small. Back then, I was just a 3 year old girl who picked up a paint brush and a palette of oil paints. And never put it down again. My first painting was of albatros, a beautiful bird with an incredible wing span, that gives hope to the sailors at sea. At the time, I have never seen it live, by the description of my mother, I painted it as I imagined it. A beautiful, free bird that defines happiness for people who are far away from home, and thats what I have became myself through what I create. Painting art that takes you places, makes you happy, and brings you to a place you feel absolutely happy.

Coming from a country of such richness in art and history. My inspiration comes subconsciously. Just visiting the museums in Moscow full of national treasures, tsar crowns and all the bedazzled jewels. I feel like I grew up looking at jewels, precious stones and incredible art.

I moved to United States when I was in middle school. Since that day, I lived alone and paved my way through all phases of growing up on my own. I learning each day, the people, the places, experiences. With a mind of my own, this is how I came to be what I am. I finished high school at the Waldorf School of Garden City. Got myself through college (SUNY Stony Brook), played sports on a University tennis team division 1. A few months before graduation began my career in graphic design and art direction. I got to work for some of the prominent companies and brands in the world. Created beautiful advertising images for HBO, and retouched glossy covers for Hearst Magazine, designed footwear ad campaigns for Under Armour and styled stores and look books for legendary A&F and Hollister. Still with that  personal dream to become an independent artist and share my vision, dreams, magic and happiness through painting.

Now, as I write this bio, I have my own creative studio in the tropical New Orleans. I run my own business, life and once a dream. Now I create the world of color, and joy and share it with everyone.

My paintings tell a story of love and a true celebration of life. Close your eyes. Imagine falling in love and indulging on the never-ending kiss, and a life full of true moments of happiness. My paintings speak a romantic language of love, lived through an unforgettable life journey.

Travel Inspiration

I travel the world about 6 months out of the year, and discover new places, see and experience new things, meet incredible people, hear inspiring, beautiful and sometimes crushing stories. Everywhere I go, I paint. From Gaudi Park in Barcelona, to hidden whimsical beaches in Ibiza, Spain, to ice glazed winter wonderland beauty of Mont Blanc, to Moroccan Riads, and all the way to candy land-like architectural wonders of Moscow.

Process and Technique 

I make quick sketches and notes in my travel journal, mini rough drafts, nothing precise. The 1000’s of photos I take of every place I travel, further serve as color and theme inspiration. The creative process is completely free and natural, I start with the brush and finish with texture, laying out rhinestones and crystals. Embroidery is featured on select canvases. Just like every mouth shape is unique, each “kiss” painting is unique. I shape the lips with extra large brush strokes, sculpting them freely on canvas with think glossy acrylics.

A dash of resin gloss is applied to the lip area, to show the luscious, glossy kiss effect. Just like every person has a story to tell, each kiss painting, is a visual “talking mouth.”

My goal as an artist

With each canvas I want to make the viewer feel happy and embark on an exciting colorful journey. I am a visual story teller of a dream, where I make each viewer believe that this dream is possible as a beautiful reality on canvas.


2006 – BFA –ARTS major, Art History minor, SUNY Stony Brook University, New York


2004  Satellite Exhibition, SAC Art Gallery, Stony Brook, NY.

2004  EURECA Awards Group Show, SAC Art Gallery, Stony Brook, NY.

2005  Duality, SBU Fine Arts Gallery, Stony Brook, NY.

2005  Winter Works IV, Gallery 4222, Port Jefferson, NY.

2013   Solo Show “Kiss of The Queen,” Gallery Nebo, Krasnodar, Russia.

2014  Group Show, “Louisiana Contemporary,” Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA.

2014  Group Show, “Art Melt” Louisiana State Museum, Baton Rouge, LA.

2014  Solo Show, “Kiss,” Gravier Gallery, New Orleans, LA.

2014  Solo Show, “Celebration of Life,” Gallery Yug, Krasnodar, Russia.

2014  Group Show, “PINK STRENGTH,” MuroMedia, New Orleans, LA.

2014  Group Show, “MUSCLE & MAGIC,” MuroMedia, New Orleans, LA.

2015  Group Show “Coleurs,” Galerie Nuance et Lumières, Lyon, France.

2015  ART BASEL. “Red Dot Fair” Miami, FL.

2016  Group Show, “Winter Works,” Steve Martin Fine Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA.

2016  Solo Show, “Candy Shop,” Steve Martin Fine Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA.

2016  Solo Show, “Dream,” Brand New Orleans Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA.

2016  Group Show, “Best of Brand,” Brand New Orleans Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA.

2016  Solo Show, “Dream Factory,” Steve Martin Fine Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA.

2016  Solo Pop Up Show, “Reve en Coleur,” HoMudane, Bourge en Bresse, France.

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