Eugene Weber

Image courtesy of Jean Christensen.


Art making is an ancient, slow primitive activity that is sometimes capable of producing images as finely detailed as photography. Harnessing imagination, an artist can create the vision of dreams. When released from the task of representation, design itself becomes art.

My art work explores all three visual dimensions, the reality seen by a camera, the landscape of imagination, and the mysterious realm of symbol and pure abstraction. Art is a curious endeavor, it is research and discoveries are endless.


I am a self taught artist who began showing and selling work while still a teenager. I have

produced a large variety of work in a wide range of sizes with a multitude of materials for 50 years. Other than four years in Nebraska as a Katrina refugee I have lived in New Orleans since 1981. My work has appeared in numerous fine art gallery exhibits and been featured in a variety of venues both locally and nationally. I create acrylic on canvas paintings which range from photo-realism to pure abstraction; I also do drawings on art papers and mixed media work using an array of materials.

Recent Exhibitions

August 2016

Group Exhibit, Ten paintings included in White Linen Night show at Brand New Orleans Art Gallery, 646 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA.

Random Weekends 2015 and 2016

Morning Street Exhibits in Pirates Alley in New Orleans Old French Quarter Neighborhood

January 2015

“Gallery Group Exhibit,” Hall-Barnett Gallery, 237 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA.

October 2013 to June 2016

“Gallery Group Exhibit,” Adorn Gallery, 610 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA.

June 2013

“Summer Group Show” at d.o.c.s Gallery, 709 Camp Street, New Orleans LA. I was the featured artist in 1996 at d.o.c.s and this has been my Gallery outlet since returning to New Orleans in 2010.

February 2013

“World Artist Network,” the first non-virtual exhibit by members of an international group of artists founded on Myspace and migrated to Facebook. Arcade Mall, 993 Main Street Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Nebraska Exhibitions

June 2010

A month long solo exhibit as featured artist at The Benson Grind, 6107 Maple Street, Omaha, Nebraska. This coffee house/ art gallery/ poetry reading/ live music performance center is located in the historical Benson area of Omaha.

December 2009

A group invitational show at Hotshops Art Center, 13th and Nicholas, Omaha, Nebraska.

November 2008

“The Seven Year Itch,” a group exhibit of work by over 30 artists at the Louisville Art Gallery, 230 Main Street, Louisville NE. The gallery’s seven year anniversary exhibit.

April 2008

C.O.S.A. or Collaboration of Skateboarders and Artists, at Hot Shops Gallery, 13th and Nicholas Street, Omaha, Nebraska. A group exhibit of work by eight artists in traditional, digital, photographic media and skateboard design. Music, film and hair styling were also featured in the openings multi-dimensional event.

December 2007

“12 x 12 inches 12” This was an exhibit by 100 abstract artists of work which was 12 inches square at Gallery 380, 380 Bond Street, Brooklyn, New York.

October 2006

Solo Exhibit, Antiquarian Gallery, 1215 Harney Street, Omaha, Nebraska. My first “Solo Exhibit” was at the Antiquarian Gallery in 1979. This time around I was showing 45 paintings and drawings completed while living in New Orleans.


March 2005

Kako Gallery, Group Show, 523 Dumaine Street, New Orleans, LA.

November 2004

“Artist of the Month” at Chet’s, 706 Franklin Avenue, New Orleans, LA.

March 2004

Barrister’s Gallery, Group Show: “Mock Jazz Fest Posters,” 1724 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard, New Orleans, LA.

September 2002

Brewer/Landry Gallery, Group Show, 2022 Magazine Street, New Orleans LA.

February 2002

Cameron Jones Gallery, Group Show, 2127 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA.

October 2000

Grand Opening Exhibit at Huber House Gallery, 1522 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA.

January 2000

Diva Gallery, Group Show, 1110 Antonine Street, New Orleans, LA.

March 1998

Featured Artist at Kaldi’s Coffee Museum, 941 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA.

June 1997

Rhubarb Gallery Group Show, 1101 First Street, New Orleans, LA.

December 1996

Featured artist at d.o.c.s. Gallery, 709 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA.

Selected Early Exhibits

June 1995

Featured artist at Gallery and Company, 201 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA.

December 1992

Art Attacks Gallery, 831 Saint Peter Street, “Holiday Group Show,” New Orleans, LA.

November 1992

Six Paintings in a group show at Gibbs Gallery, 626 Julia Street, New Orleans, LA.

November 1991

“The Naked Show,” Hall-Barnett Gallery, 320 Exchange Alley, New Orleans, LA.

September 1991

“Grand Opening Exhibit,” Gallery de Jumonville, 866 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA.

June 1991

“Summer Group Show,” Heller/Schaefer Gallery, 1115 St. Mary Street, New Orleans, LA.

December 1989

Featured Artist at True Brew Coffee, 200 Julia Street, New Orleans, LA.

March 1983

Won 3rd Place Award Ribbon at Palm Beach Art Galleries International Art Competition, 240 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, FL.

March 1982

Holdcraft Cottage Group Show, 511 Dumaine Street, New Orleans. LA.

September 1981

Septemberfest Exhibit Omaha NE

May 1981

Talent Tree Gallery Group Show, 5008 Underwood, Omaha, NE.

August 1980

Twenty-five paintings on display at City/County Civic Center, Omaha, NE.

February 1980

New Mexico Art League’s Tenth Annual Small Painting Exhibition, 3401 Juan Tabo, N.E. Albuquerque, NM.

September 1979

Solo Exhibit Antiquarian Gallery, 1215 Harney Street, Omaha, NE.

March 1979

Two mixed media paintings accepted at Joslyn Museums Sales and Rental Gallery, 2200 Dodge Street, Omaha, NE.

October 1978

Cheyenne Artists Guild, 7 State Regional Exhibit, 1010 E. 15th Street, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

February 1978

Second Place Award (Professional Division), College of Saint Mary’s Masters Realty Annual Competition, Omaha, NE.

May 1973

Turner Park Summer Art Fair Exhibit, Omaha, Nebraska.

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