Daniel Lopez

Artist Statement 

My work has always been about mixing and experimenting with everything. I work with all those folkloric motives I was born with. I enjoy hiding signs, phrases, figures across my art. I want my spectator to be immersed in my works where he could find himself as a curious boy digging for answers, his own answers.

Daniel creates his work through the affirmation of the redemptive power of art. He feels a strong constant need of interaction with the community, formulating concepts based upon a multitude of viewpoints. Present in his work are motifs of human struggle and triumph. To spend time with Lopez’s work is to get lost in his world of wonder and self-exploration, with the rewarding journey of decoding symbols and digging at the stops along the road to where the artist finds himself.

Originally from Cuba, his work serves as a bridge between diverse cultural backgrounds. While studying at the Academy of Arts in Trinidad, Cuba he developed a passion for abstraction and figurative painting. Since then he has experimented with sculpture, and design. Being open to different art experiences has given him a broad perspective in the arts allowing himself to mix different techniques to create his unique well-recognized style.

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